HeartSong formed in 2010, and our first experience leading worship at Epiphany was during the Outdoor Service of Remembrance in August 2010.  We are now regularly scheduled to lead the worship service on Sunday morning for the last Sunday of every month.

The purpose of HeartSong is to provide an opportunity for those in the group to experience the presence of God through sharing the beauty of simple music they love -  and then share that presence with others.  He who sings prays

twice.  And it only has to be “a joyful noise.”

We solicit members of the congregation for songs that have special meaning for them – something that helps connect their heart to the heart of God.   This provides for us a wide variety of music – old hymns, gospel, contemporary, Cursillo, Taize, and country western music as well as songs from our contemporary Gather book.  We sing most songs in unison and will eventually move into two parts and rounds.  The focus is on singing from the heart.  Technique is occasionally discussed, but never overshadows the meaning of the music.

Currently our instrumentation is a piano, 3-4 folk guitars, an electric bass guitar, a flute, and some light percussion, namely bongo drums, a tambourine, and the recent addition of a rain stick.  We also have approximately 10-12 singers.

Heart Song is open to anyone.  The meek and shy, and those who think they can’t sing, are especially encouraged.  Any age is welcome, and families are encouraged.  The commitment is very loose, and people are free to sing for one service and not another.