Building and Grounds

We are proud of our beautiful building and grounds, which are fully handicapped accessible and complete with natural Memorial Garden. Our sexton (custodian) takes care of the day-to-day cleaning but we need your help to do the rest.

We count on everybody to help — find out what you can do.

Clean-up Days
One weekend in both Spring and Fall we gather together to clean and polish our building inside and out. Come and help wash windows, deep clean the oven, paint, trim trees, seal the parking lot, plant, weed – lots of hands make light work!

Memorial Garden
We have a beautiful memorial garden on our grounds. You can be part of the committee that keeps our memorial garden a place of remembrance and peace for all. You can also choose to purchase a plot in the memorial garden for yourself or a loved one. Contact the church office for details and pricing.

Lawn Mowing
It’s a pleasure to mow with our ride-on lawn mower. Sign up on the building and grounds bulletin board to mow a time or two May through October. If you need a lawn mower lesson – just call the church office and we’ll set one up for you.

Other Projects
Watch for projects that you can help with when needed. Check the newsletter and this week sections of this website.

Building & Grounds Commission Chair:
Dane Hathaway
(763) 350-9372